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MxScan works on a filtering scheme that is based on FILTERACTION(s) and cumulative spam score thresholds. The [Filter Actions] tab is where you can set the appropriate actions to be taken when a message hits a certain score threshold.


Looking at the default screen shot above

a. messages that score within 6 - 11.9 points will match the LOW FilterAction (Insert Subject Text)
b. messages that score within 12 - 20.9 points will match the MEDIUM FilterAction (Quarantine)
c. messages that score greater than or equal 20 points will match the HIGH FilterAction (Delete)
d. NO ACTION will be taken to messages that score less than 6 points.

There are 6 different FilterAction types for each category as below

  1. No Action
    • This simply means that no action is taken and that the message is allowed to pass through as per normal
  2. Prefix Subject Line with Text
    • Message will be allowed through
    • Message received will be prefix with a specific text
    • Individual Users can then opt to to set their email client to move these prefixed message to a particular folder (i.e Spam-Low) which they can later review to determine if the messages are actual spam
  3. Insert Message Header
    • This will insert an email message header for all messages that matches (email headers are normally not visible in the email client by default).
    • An example of how this can be used to work with MailEnable is to have messages inserted with the header "X-ME-Content: Deliver-To=Junk" . MailEnable Enterprise admin can then use this information to move messages to the individual users Junk Email folder. For additional information please see
    • If no further action is taken on the server level, the messages will be allowed to pass through
  4. Quarantine
    • Messages quarantined will be moved to a quarantine folder. These messages will NOT be deliverd to the users mailbox. The default location for the quarantine folder is located at c:\program files\mail enable\queues\smtp\inbound\messages\mxscan_spam.
    • The quarantine folder can be changed from within MxScanConfig by clicking SETTINGS->Spam Quarantine Settings and changing the 'Quarantine Folder' value
  5. Forward Message
    • This action type will forward the message to another email address as an Attachment
  6. Delete Message
    • This action will delete the message from the server permenantly
    • Message will not be delivered to the users inbox