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MxScan Professional for MailEnable Main Page.



MXScanME is an email security plugin that is designed to work with the MailEnable MTA to provide enchanced security scanning for MailEnable email servers. The plugin has been designed specifically to work with MailEnable and comes with a built in installer and configuration manager.

A Lite version is available free of charge for private, non-profit or educational use. For Commercial use, a Professional Version backed by a support agreement and a host of additional enterprise level features is also available.

Installation Support

MxScanME System Requirements

Moving MxScan Settings To Another Server


MxScan Message Scoring Overview

ClamAV Virus Updates

AntiSpam and Content Filtering
Spam Filters
Spam Trap
What is MxURI
Whitelisting Senders
Message Quarantine
What is Message Sniffer
Sniffer Custom Rules and Spam Submission
Moving Email to the Junk Email Folder
Sender Whitelist
Detecting Outgoing Bulk Email Activity


Disabling DEP

Messages stuck or growing in the \mxscan_hold_1 folder

Messages not getting scanned by MxScan

Running MxScanConfig under another User Account (Other than the ADMINISTRATOR account) in Windows Server 2008

What to do in case of a Critical Error

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing License Key Details

MxScan Software Maintenance

Other Usefull Information and Links

Scaling MxScan for High volume deployments

Using MxScanME as your primary Perimeter AntiSpam & Anti-Virus gateway filter