Messages not getting scanned by MxScan

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If for some reason or other you find that certain/random messages are not getting scanned by MxScanME then you should check and take note on the following :

1. An Email account that is defined as Postmaster does NOT get executed by the MailEnable MTA Event and will NOT be scanned. This applies to the Global PostMaster Account (under SMTP properties) and also to the Domain level PostMaster accounts.

2. Intra/Inter Domain email located within the SAME MailEnable server will not get scanned as this does not hit the SMTP Inbound queue

3. If the First Part of the MailEnable message (C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Inbound) does not contain the Account/PostOffice information these messages will be skipped. You can see this as "Account=Null" in the MxScan_ME log file (when enabled). This is by design as most of the time these messages are system generated. However, if you insist that you would like all messages scanned regardless then email us and we will send you an updated patched MxScan_me.exe that does this.

4. Check your MxScan-Service-xxxx.log files for any obvious errors or issues.

5. You can enable the debug log for the MxScan MTA Event by editing the global.config file under the \MxScanME folder and setting the value of MxscanME_Log_Enabled = True. This will create a debug log file under the \Logs folder and will tell you why(if any messages) were skipped by MxScanME.

6. Try lowering the MailEnale MTA Event thread count under SMTP Properties

7. Make sure your version of MailEnable is updated to the latest available stable version.

8. Ensure that the MxScan MTA Event is enabled in MxScanconfig.

9. If you have Resident based AntiVirus programs running make sure that you have excluded the MailEnable folders

10. If you have other MTA Events running i.e Plesk then these could be intercepting the message before they get to MxScan