Moving Email to the Junk Email Folder

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Moving Email to the Junk Email Folder

There are two to do this with MxScan Professional :

Method 1

Set the FilterAction for [Insert Message Header] with the value of "X-ME-Content: Deliver-To=Junk" for corresponding spam probability (Low, Medium or High) and then set MailEnable to move email to the Junk Mail folder. The actual moving of the mesages is performed by MailEnable. What MxScan does is to insert the header with extra informaiton which MailEnable then recognizes as the command to move the email to the junk folder.

The following settings must also be present in MailEnable

a. the option to "Deliver junk email to Junk E-mail folder" is enabled under the "Feature Selection" tab under the "Post Office" Properties window. (Enterprise edition only) b. "Junk E-Mail Processing" option under Servers>localhost>Filters properties window is set to "Messages are moved Inbox".

For More Information please also see and

Method 2

Let MxScan do the moving directly (moved to the MxScan-Spam folder) by setting the FilterAction=[Move to Inbox Spam Folder] for the corresponding spam probability. Messages that match this FilterAction are then moved to a folder called "MxScan-Spam" that is accessible via the MailEnable WebMail Interface. There is also an option to auto purge the emails under the MxScan-Spam folder aftex X number of days (MxScanConfig->Settings->SpamQuarantinge/MoveToSpamFolder)