MxScanME System Requirements

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Works with any version of Mailenable (Standard, Professional and Enterprise) which has to be installed first. The program is built on top of .NET 2.0 framework as such this is a requirement. It will run on Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 in both 32 and 64 bit variants. You should not be running any other AntiVirus, AntiSpyware or firewall that might block the program from executing correctly.

The following Firewall ports should be allowed.

1. ClamAV - requires localhost port 3310 TCP opened

2. SpamAssassin - requires localhost port 783 TCP opened - if razor2 is enable in SpamAssassin then firewall port 2703 required

3. DCC - requires port 6277 UDP opened

4. DNS lookups - requires port 53 opened

5. MessageSniffer - requires localhost port 9001 - requires port 25 TCP opened to receive update notifications and GBUdb cloud data

6. MxURI - requires outgoing port 80 to be opened

When using a software Firewall please also ensure that the following applications are not blocked by the software firewall:

1. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\spamassassin\spamd.exe

2. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\clam\clamd.exe

3. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\clam\freshclam.exe

4. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\spamassassin\dccproc.exe

Other important notes  :

1. You should not be running any MTA other filters that move messages to separate folder for delayed processing as this could cause a loop.

2. Under SMTP Properties --> Security --> the "Hide IP Addresses from Email Headers" should NOT BE checked.

3. Disable anti-virus software from scanning the MxScan and email directories. Anti-virus products are known to interfere with normal operation as well as slow down any software that requires file access. If running a ResidentAV is necessary please exclude the following folders (example only, actual folder will vary according to your installation)

a. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\clam\tmp\* (and subfolders)

b. C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Inbound\Messages\mxscan_hold_1

c. C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Inbound\Messages

4. The same applies for any other software based firewall (ie. Windows Firewall, Comodo, etc), anti-spyware and other software based security program running on the server. Please ensure that they are not interfering with MxScan and/or blocking any of its ports as listed above.

5. For the Professional version to function correctly, emails should be Authenthicated when they are sent. If the emails are not authenthicated and instead are relayed through the server these messages will not be processed correctly by MxScan because the necessary PostOffice Information is not present in the Message Command file.

6. You should be preferably not run any other MTA Event or MTA Command filters as this might cause issues. We can only fully provide support for environments where MxScan is the only MTA event filter running.

5. If DEP (Data Execution Prevention) has been set to "All Programs and Services .." , please exclude MxScanEngine.exe, MxScanME.exe and MxScanConfig.exe

Hardware Requiremets:

1. The faster the CPU, the better. Recommended that you run this on multi core machines or at the very least a CPU that support hyperthreading

2. More RAM the better. Minimum recommended is 512mb