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All new purchases come with 1 year of Free Software Maintenance. The Software maintenance includes the following :

1. Ability to access the Customer Portal Area

2. Download MxScan Software

3. Download Updates, Patches, Upgrades for Major/Minor versions

4. Reissue/Upgrade/Download license key

5. Access to the MxURI Private Blacklist

6. Submit Trouble tickets/issues

7. Continue to receive general support

Without an active Software Maintenance, the MxScan software will still continue to work but you will not have access to the above features and support. The software Maintenance only cost $119/year/server. When you renew your Software Maintenance you will receive 2 additional free support tickets (12 months validity).

To renew your software maintenance, please go to the Customer Portal located at and navigate to the 'License Information & Software Maintenance Renewal' link. Select the licenses you wish to renew and click on the 'Renew Maintenance' button at the bottom of the same page.

All software maintenance is cumulative from the last expiry date. As such if your last software maintenance expiry is more than 2 years ago you may consider purchasing a new license instead.