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MxScan Spam Trap

The MxScan Spam Trap module can be used to add the IP Addresses from designated local emails to an IP Blacklist. This spamtrap IP Blacklist can then be scored against future messages coming from the same IP Address.


Setting this up is very easy. All you have to do is :

1. Enable the SpamTrap module in MxScan
2. Click on the [Manage SpamTrap Emails] button to specify which local RECIPIENT Emails are to be used for the spamtrap. For example if you have a domain called hosted on the server. You can specify the address as the spamtrap local address. MxScan will then monitor the messages it process and add the IP Address from messages with the local recipient of
3. You can also setup a [SpamTrap Whitelist] so that known good server IPs or Sender will not get listed on the SpamTrap Blacklist.
4. To view the list of IP Addresses already on the SpamTrap IP Blacklist, click on the [ViewSpamtrap IP Blacklist] button

When a message IP matches an existing IP on the SpamTrap IP Blacklist, a spam score will be assigned to the message as part of the cumulative spam score. You may further configure the SpamScore and the IP blacklist duration. Once the blacklist duration has expired the IP will be removed from the SpamTrap Blacklist. IPs should be expired from the blacklist because they do not always stay 'bad'. Furthermore, an expiration policy also reduces false positives.