What is Message Sniffer

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The Professional version of MxScan also has the capability to work with Message Sniffer, an anti-spam scanner that uses advanced pattern recognition technology to accurately identify spam. The Message Sniffer engine is a high performance scanning engine and comes with frequent SNF rule base updates for the latest spam signatures. The use of message sniffer requires a separate yearly subscription which can be either purchased from us (at a discounted rate) or directly from Arm Research at the retail price.

For high volume users and for those wanting a higher level of spam detection, we would strongly encourage you to use Message Sniffer together with MxScan Pro as this provides antispam filtering that rivals dedicated commercial antispam appliances.

To use MessageSniffer with MxScan, NO separate installation is required. The Sniffer engine is already included with the MxScan Installer. To activate your Sniffer subscription in MxScan all that is required is that you key in your LICENSEID and AUTHENTHICATION code (provided by ArmResearch) into the MxScanConfig Configuration Manager