What is MxURI

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MxURI is not meant as a replacement for the SURBL and URIBL services but instead is designed to complement these services.

MxURI is a private URL Blacklist that is made available for MxScan Professional users that have an active MxScan software subscription. All new orders already come with a free 12 months software subscription. After the first year a MxScan renewal software subscription is required in order to continue accessing this feature. No separate subscription is required.

Similiar services like this would normally cost around $240 year starting from 100 users and not including setting up the necessary blacklist servers and paying for bandwidth. However, we have included this service as part of the Software Subscription as a benefit to our Professional users.

How does MxURI catch these more sneaky spammers?

Blocking spam NOT ever sent to honeypot traps: Because the MxURI lists are ONLY “fed” by spam sent to real users therefore, catch much spam that does NOT hit other DNSBLs’ honeypot spamtraps. Since MxURI does not depend on honeypot spam traps, much spam is blocked by the MxURI DNSBL which gets missed by these other honeypot-driven DNSBLs.

Blocking “snowshoe spam” missed by other DNSBLs: Sending spam “slowly” does not help a spammer avoid the MxURI DNSBL because a single spam received and processed is ALL that is necessary to trigger a listing on MxURI.