What to in case of a Critical Error

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What to do in case of a critical error?

In the event you are encountering difficulties or if you believe MxScan is causing issues with your regular email delivery the following can be performed while waiting for the issue to be resolved :

1. Disable the MTA Event in the MailEnable MMC.

2. Disable the MxScan MTA Event in MxScanConfig.

3. Stop the MxScanEngine service.

4. All of the incoming emails will now be automatically processed by MailEnable directly. If there are emails stucked in the queue (mxscan_hold1), just run the 'C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\misc\ReleaseMail_ME.exe' command line application to release all the emails in the MxScan processing queue.

5. Open a ticket at the Customer Portal (http://www.mxuptime.com/login.aspx)